The KeyCode project (2020-1-FR01-KA201-080108) is funded, by the European Commission through the French National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme, with the aim of addressing the challenges that young students face in consolidating their European identity.

The KeyCode project is funded, by the European Commission through the French National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme, with the aim of addressing the challenges that young students face in consolidating their European identity.

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CHAPUT PascalTeacher - France Testing educational sources: positive effect on students. Teenagers feel involved. This adventure marked them and shaped my attitude in class and my way of doing things, that's for sure.
ARNAUD IsabelleTeacher - France Educational source testing: educational resources are transferable to the classroom and meet the needs of current students and teachers.
WOLSKI MagdalenaTeacher - France In the videos, students are actors in their learning - This makes it possible to make students think in the form of debate, to make them actors in their learning, through project pedagogy; the important thing is to transmit human values
LARRORY LaureTeacher - France Interactivity must develop in the classrooms and educational resources provide appropriate material
TRIMBUR PatrickTeacher - France All the examples stick to the lived experience of the pupils. The material is easy to use.
RUELLAN YvesTeacher - France The videos represent dynamic and easy-to-use material.
LARRORY MatthieuTeacher - France As a parent, it is interesting to see how empathy is handled in our schools.
SCHREINER NathalieTeacher - France Each time the tests were carried out in the classes (in college as in high school), the achievements were applauded. The project is complete and meets real needs. It must be continued! Students are demanding!
KOWALCZYK AurélienTeacher - France As a student to become a teacher, I found the guidelines helpful in coming up with actionable ideas for classes.
DIA JulienTeacher - France For me, the videos are easily usable in lessons and practices and provide ways of working to educate students in empathy and respect for the democratic values of the EU.
POULARD LudivineTeacher - France As a teacher, I would say that the students are receptive to the videos, thanks to the project, the teachers have concrete tools
MAURIAC RégisTeacher - France The topics covered in the project are very important in society. All tools are transferable.
DOUCET CélineTeacher - France As a teacher, I have experimented with the activities in my class and I am convinced that they can be transposed according to everyone's sensitivities and in line with the needs of the students.
Jerneja SeibertTeacher - Slovenia The project is educating youth about important issues.
Tadeja BandeljTeacher - Slovenia Educating about empathy and building positive interpersonal relations is of a crucial importance
Ksenija TuršičTeacher - Slovenia We have to teach children about diversity and inclusion
N/ATeacher - Romania The short films are the best tool to learn how to carry out interesting and motivating activities in class.
N/ATeacher - Romania KeyCode project is the answer for our teachers' and students' needs to learn about European values in a very appealing form.
N/ATeacher - Romania For me, as a Social Studies teacher, the Database of Teaching sources is the most useful, because it offers lesson plans and al the adjacent materials to support them.
N/ALecturer - Romania I consider that both Database of Teaching Sources and Short films are useful, because I can use them successfully in teaching my students the democratic values with interactive examples.
N/ATeacher - Romania All the intellectual outputs of KeyCode Project are useful in different ways: the Teaching Sources through the lesson plans, the Short films through the wide range of examples of activities, and the Guidelines to see the overall situation of teaching this topic.
N/ALecturer - Romania All the resources on KeyCode Platform are of real help for extracurricular activities.
N/ATeacher - Romania I participated in the making of the short films and I witnessed the interest, the enthusiasm and the curiosity my students showed when taking part in the activities. KeyCode is a great project!
N/ALecturer - Romania I consider that KeyCode Project will help me make my students understand the fundamental values promoted by European Union and will make them be active citizens.
N/ATeacher - Romania I have been part of the project from the very beginning and the resources offered by it helped me a lot in understanding how to motivate my students to be aware of the importance of the key values.
N/ALecturer - Romania Our History teacher carried out interesting activities with us. We watched a lot of short films made by students from other schools and we chose which activities we want to do in the future. I learnt a lot from the project.
N/ATeacher - Romania I participated in making two of the short films and I am grateful to KeyCode Project for that! It is a super project and I think that all my colleagues feel the same
N/ATeacher - Romania KeyCode Project is very generous with the resources provided for us, teachers who want to change the way education is now seen.
N/ALecturer - Romania No matter what subject we teach, we can find anything we consider suitable on KeyCode platform, and I think this is its strong point.
Elena SantiniTeacher - Italy The Teaching sources are very useful
Luca GonnelliTeacher - Italy All the proposed activities are very good
Paola BorgiottiTeacher - Italy Very interesting project, especially the video part
Cecilia CastoroTeacher - Italy Empathy is the most interesting part of the project
Anna SalvettiTeacher - Italy All the videos are very interesting and useful to learn how to teach fundamental values in class
Chiara CampagnoliTeacher - Italy Guidelines can be easily used by teachers as they are well written and easy to understand